Who Was The Guy At The End Of Code 8?

Does Stephen Amell have powers in code 8?

Here’s what to know about Netflix’s ‘Code 8′ characters’ power classes.

Though it’s not specified in the film, Garrett (Stephen Amell) has the power of telekinesis meaning he is able to move objects with his mind.

And as a telekinetic, I did the same thing.”.

What does code 8 mean police?

Code 8 Request cover/backup. Code 9 Set up a roadblock. Code 10 Bomb threat. Code 12 Notify news media. Code 20 Officer needs assistance.

What class is Connor in code 8?

Class 5 ElectricRobbie Amell as Connor Reed In Code 8, the Canadian actor plays Connor – a construction worker struggling to make ends meet. Defined as a Class 5 Electric, he has the ability to absorb and produce electrical currents powerful enough to knock out an entire city block.

What is wrong with Connor’s mom in code 8?

Connor Reed, a 26-year-old Class 5 Electric (electrokinetic) looks after his mother Mary, a Cryo (cryokinetic), who has brain cancer that causes her abilities to sometimes act erratically. As Powers, they cannot afford the treatment she needs.

Are Robbie and Stephen brothers?

Amell was born in Toronto; he is the son of Jo (Burden) and Rob Amell, who work in the custom jewelry business. His first cousin is Arrow actor Stephen Amell. Along with his sister, he started modeling and acting in small roles in commercials when he was six years old.

Will Code 8 be in theaters?

October 3, 2019Code 8/Initial release

Are Robbie and Stephen Amell brothers?

How Are Robbie & Stephen Amell Related? They might be two of the most good-looking, talented, and beloved actors on TV right now. And, if you’re, wondering, yes, Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell are related — they’re cousins!

Is Netflix Code 8 good?

Audience Reviews for Code 8 There were some bits that sort of reminded me of last year’s Darkest Minds, and that’s definitely a bad thing, but overall it was actually pretty decent. It goes for both the social commentary, and a *pew pew splodey zap zap* action crime thriller.

What is the trust in code 8?

Who Are Code 8’s The Trust? Throughout the film, the villainous Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Bryk) is revealed to be in debt to an organization called The Trust. That fact drives a lot of Code 8’s action – with Sutcliffe using Garrett’s gang to pull off a number of heists in order to secure the funds.

Did code 8 make money?

With the hype machine firmly in place and a distribution deal secured from indie studio XYZ Films, Code 8 made its grand debut on December 13, 2019, in a limited theatrical and VOD release. The movie had grossed roughly $150,298 to its credit, but its best days would come in the months that followed.

Does Connor’s mom die in code 8?

The ending of Code 8 explained But Connor ends up turning the treacherous Sutcliffe over to the police, toppling the drug empire that Sutcliffe was building up. In doing so, Connor forces Nia, who has the power to heal others, to heal his mother from the disease she’s dying from.

Is there a sequel to Code 8?

Fans of ‘Code 8’ can rejoice as there is good news. The exciting world of ‘Code 8’ will be explored further in great depth. However, there is NOT going to be a movie sequel. The story will not be continued as a feature-length film.

What does code 8 mean in the movie Code 8?

The movie you saw was based on a short film released in 2016, also called Code 8 (2016). … At that point, the police broadcast that “a Code 8 has been committed”. It can therefore be inferred that Code 8 is the “police code” for a mutant using his powers to commit a crime.

What does the ending of the healer mean?

Alec has a dream about his brother Charlie who died of cancer. That is when Alec realizes that he is The Healer. … At the ending of the movie, the audience gets to see Alec’s portrait on the wall indicating that he had this gift from the start as the dog also behaves weirdly with him.

What does the ending of code 8 mean?

At the end of Code 8, Connor turns himself in and agrees to serve time to make up for his mistakes. … Code 8’s finale also includes a powers-ban in Lincoln City being voted on. Whether it comes into force for the series or is defeated in government, remains to be seen.

Who is Nia in code 8?

Kyla KaneCast (in credits order)Kari Matchett…Mary ReedGreg Bryk…Marcus SutcliffeKyla Kane…NiaKarissa Strain…StripperMax Laferriere…Mikey52 more rows