Quick Answer: Which Word Is Opposite Of Subsequent?

What is a subsequent payment?

Subsequent Payments means any amounts released from the Reserve Account to the Purchaser pursuant to the [Sale and Servicing Agreement] or [Pooling and Servicing Agreement] at such time as the Purchaser receives such amounts.

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What does Subsequent mean in law?

A condition subsequent is an event or state of affairs that brings an end to something else. A condition subsequent is often used in a legal context as a marker bringing an end to one’s legal rights or duties.

What is the opposite of subjective?

Subjective is the opposite of objective, which refers to things that are more clear-cut. That Earth has one moon is objective — it’s a fact. Whether the moon is pretty or not is subjective — not everyone will agree. Facts are objective, but opinions are subjective.

What do you mean by subsequent?

: following in time, order, or place subsequent events a subsequent clause in the treaty.

What is the opposite of eternity?

Antonyms of ETERNITY second, transitoriness, jiffy, moment, microsecond, shake, ephemerality, minute, instant, impermanence, split second, nanosecond, transience, trice, temporariness, wink, twinkling, flash, twinkle.

What does subsequent marriage mean?

In many states of the U.S., a written agreement between parties to live together as man and wife and followed by cohabitation is considered a common law marriage. …

What comes after subsequently?

subsequently to; following in time; later than.

Does subsequent mean before or after?

adjective. occurring or coming later or after (often followed by to): subsequent events;Subsequent to their arrival in Chicago, they bought a new car. following in order or succession; succeeding: a subsequent section in a treaty.

What is an example of subsequent?

The definition of subsequent is happening or coming after something or someone else. An example of subsequent is heavy winds that come after a hurricane has left an area. Coming after; following in time, place, or order.

What does intellectual mean in English?

1a : of or relating to the intellect or its use. b : developed or chiefly guided by the intellect rather than by emotion or experience : rational. c : requiring use of the intellect intellectual games.

What is opposite of tame?

tame. Antonyms: undomesticated, unreclaimed, untamed, unbroken, savage, wild, fierce, spirited, animated, ferine, interesting, exciting, stirring, lively. Synonyms: domesticated, reclaimed, tamed, subjugated, broken, gentle, mild, docile, meek, spiritless, tedious, dull, flat.

Why is beauty so subjective?

A complication emerges with a purely subjective account of beauty, because the idea of beauty becomes meaningless if everything is merely a matter of taste or personal preference. If beauty is purely in the eye of the beholder, the idea of beauty has no value as an ideal comparable to truth or goodness.

What is another word for subsequent?

What is another word for subsequent?ensuinglaterfollowingsucceedingsuccessiveaftercomingconsequentlatternext85 more rows

Whats the opposite of times?

Mathematically speaking, Time is to multiply, the opposite of it is to Divide. Man “made” the expression Time that way, at first (not called time yet) for night/day, the seasons and after that for birth the number of years, the hours/minutes and seconds (still not called time but periods) for working came later.

What is a synonym for later?

later. Synonyms: after, concluding, consequent, following, hind, hinder, hindmost, latter, posterior, subsequent, succeeding.

What is a subsequent day?

adj occurring after; succeeding.

What is the opposite of tie?

What is the opposite of tie?untieunbinddetachdisconnectdisjoinloosenunchaindivorceunlacefall behind46 more rows

What’s another word for subjective?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for subjective, like: individual, impartial, objective, unbiased, unemotional, immanent, subjectively, introspective, abstract, biased and emotional.

What is an example of subjective?

The definition of subjective is something that is based on personal opinion. An example of subjective is someone believing purple is the best color. Dependent on or taking place in a person’s mind rather than the external world. … Admitted he was making a highly subjective judgment.

What is the opposite of subsequent?

subsequent. Antonyms: antecedent, anterior, earlier, foregoing, former, forward, front, introductory, precedent, preceding, preliminary, previous, prior. Synonyms: after, concluding, consequent, following, hind, hinder, hindmost, later, latter, posterior, succeeding.

How do you use subsequent in a sentence?

His illness was subsequent to his wife’s death….Those concerns were overshadowed by subsequent events.This will be discussed in subsequent chapters.Memory can be profoundly shaped by subsequent experience.Subsequent events proved me wrong.The story will be continued in subsequent issues of the magazine.More items…•