Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Sling?

How do you say something stands out?


What does stick it out mean?

/stɪk/ stuck | stuck. informal. to continue to the end of a difficult or unpleasant situation: I know things are difficult right now, but if we just stick it out, I’m sure everything will be OK in the end.

What is the opposite of mesh?

mesh. Antonyms: extrication, escape, deliverance. Synonyms: intricacy, entanglement, involution, snare.

What’s another word for stick out?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stick out, like: jut, show, come through, protrude, depress, stick, digest, endure, stomach, bear and stand.

What is another word for mesh screen?

What is another word for mesh screen?meshmesh curtainmosquito screenscreen printing meshwire clothwire mesh

What’s another word for slang?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for slang, like: cant, argot, colloquialism, vulgarity, take-in, put one across, neologism, vulgarism, pseudology, lingo and jargon.

What does Shanghai mean in English?

shanghai \shang-HYE\ verb. 1 a : to put aboard a ship by force often with the help of liquor or a drug. b : to put by force or threat of force into or as if into a place of detention. 2 : to put by trickery into an undesirable position.

What is sling in past tense?

slungsling ​Definitions and Synonymspresent tenseI/you/we/theyslinghe/she/itslingspresent participleslingingpast tenseslung1 more row

Is shanghaied a bad word?

The term “shanghai’ed”, or to “shanghai someone” is slang for “to steal or take without permission.” As in, “Hey, that pigeon just shanghai’ed my garlic fries!” It immediately sounds politically incorrect, like some sibling of ‘Indian giver’ that you know you’ll feel bad about ever saying once you learn the word’s …

Is Slang a formal word?

Slang is a type of language that is informal and playful. … The important thing to understand is that slang is casual talk, and you should avoid using it in formal contexts. There are literally thousands of slang words and expressions.

What does mesh well together mean?

If two things or ideas mesh or are meshed, they go together well or fit together closely. … Their senses of humor meshed perfectly.

What is the meaning of mesh?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : one of the openings between the threads or cords of a net also : one of the similar spaces in a network —often used to designate screen size as the number of openings per linear inch. 2a : the fabric of a net.

What is the synonym of sling?

Some common synonyms of sling are cast, fling, hurl, pitch, throw, and toss.

What does scatterbrained mean?

informal. : a person who is forgetful, disorganized, or unable to concentrate or think clearly The English, who had raised eccentricity and poor organization to a high art, and placed the scatterbrain on a pedestal, loathed such Middle European things as rules, conventions, and dictatorships.—

What does notch mean?

notch in American English 1. an angular or V-shaped cut, indentation, or slit in an object, surface, or edge. 2. a cut or nick made in a stick or other object for record, as in keeping a tally.

Here are some of the most common slang words used in the English language today:Lit. When something is very good, enjoyable, or exciting, you can say it’s “lit”. … Extra. … Salty. … To ghost someone. … To flex. … Lowkey & highkey. … Shook. … Tea.More items…•

What is a slang word for awesome?

Below are some common teen slang words you might hear: Dope – Cool or awesome. … Sic/Sick – Cool or sweet. Snatched – Looks good, perfect, or fashionable; the new “on fleek” Fire – Hot, trendy, amazing, or on point (formerly “straight fire”)

What is sling slang for?

(slang) To sell, peddle, or distribute illicitly (e.g. drugs, sex, etc.).

What is a sling tarantula?

a sling is a spiderling with the pider removed, less to type and pronounce.

What is the meaning of slaying?

the act of killing: the act of killing a person : killing, murder —used chiefly in journalistic writinga gangland slayingSunday’s slayings bring to 14 the number of killings this year in what police call gang-related attacks.—

Why is it called shanghaied?

The term “Shanghaiing” originated on the docks in the 19th century, where civilians were often tricked into forced labor aboard American merchant ships, usually heading to Shanghai. In 1842, after the First Opium War, Shanghai was designated as a treaty port, to which the British, French, and US came to trade.