Question: What Is Another Word For Left?

What is the synonym of left?


left over remaining leftover odd unexpended unexhausted..

What’s left behind meaning?

left behind. DEFINITIONS4. (leave someone/something behind) to increase the distance by which you are ahead of someone or something. The other climbers were fitter and more experienced and I was worried I’d get left behind.

What is the definition of left?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1a : of, relating to, situated on, or being the side of the body in which the heart is mostly located her left leg. b : done with the left hand a left hook to the jaw. c : located nearer to the left hand than to the right a man’s left chest.

Is still left Meaning?

If there is a certain amount of something left, it remains when the rest has gone or been used.

What does Left mean in math?

In math, the most basic definition would be something like “If you move so that you’re at the origin in 3-d, and you rotate so that ‘up’ is in the direction of (0,0,1) and ‘forward’ is in the direction of (1,0,0), then ‘left’ is in the direction of (0,1,0) and ‘counter-clockwise’ is turning from (1,0,0) to (0,1,0) …

Was left or is left?

2 Answers. “The book has/had been left untouched for many years” is the correct form in this context. The ”is left” form is more suitable with a reference context, for instance where the speaker is narrating something about the future. Such forms fit mostly in prose and fiction.

What is another word for left alone?

What is another word for left alone?bereavedbereftleft all alonemade an orphanabandoneddesertedstrandedabdicatedditchedleft4 more rows

What’s another word for remaining?

In this page you can discover 44 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for remaining, like: left, residual, outstanding, left-over, unexpended, unused, lingering, leftover, lasting, spare and odd.

What are the two meanings of left?

If you are holding a compass and facing north, the direction to the west of you is also to your left. Left is the opposite of “right.” When left is an adjective, it has a completely different meaning: something that’s left on the table, or remaining there, will probably be thrown away by your waiter. …

What is the meaning of left side?

1The position or region directly to the left of a person or object of reference. 2The left-hand side of the whole or a part of the body of a person, animal, or other object of reference.

Has left or had left?

Past of it is ‘Had’. Now, in present tense, the Present Perfect Tense is based on the format, have/has + the past participle of the verb. … Now ‘gone is the past participle of the verb ‘go’. Hence, the correct answer is, “he has left”.

What’s your left and right?

left means the left-hand side of the way when looking in the forward direction (as defined above), while right means the right-hand side also when looking in the same direction.