Is Persepolis Banned In Iran?

Is Persepolis appropriate for high school?

‘Persepolis’ Memoir Isn’t Appropriate For Seventh-Graders, CPS Boss Says.

While “Persepolis” “may be appropriate” for junior and senior students, Byrd-Bennett said that CPS is reconsidering whether the book, because of “powerful images of torture,” should be used in the curriculum of eighth through 10th grades..

How old is Persian Empire?

Cyrus the Great—the leader of one such tribe—began to defeat nearby kingdoms, including Media, Lydia and Babylon, joining them under one rule. He founded the first Persian Empire, also known as the Achaemenid Empire, in 550 B.C. The first Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great soon became the world’s first superpower.

What age is Persepolis for?

In terms of the themes and storytelling, is this something seventh-graders can relate to, or is it over their heads? Robin: As Persepolis follows the years from age 10 to 14 for Marjane, I do believe that this is a title that would engage 12- and 13- year old readers.

Is Persepolis based on a true story?

‘Persepolis’ Tells The Story Of Growing Up During The Islamic Revolution … … Unlike so many other comics-turned-movies, this one is not only true to the spirit of the original work, but the author is actually one of the filmmakers, because (also unlike so many other comics) this one is based on a true story: her story.

How old is Marji at the end of Persepolis?

10 years oldIn the memoir Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, it’s 1989, and Marji Satrapi is 10 years old and living in Iran.

What does Persepolis mean?

Persepolis was the capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire from the reign of Darius I (the Great, r. … Its name comes from the Greek Perses-polis (Persian City), but the Persians knew it as Parsa (City of the Persians).

How did Persia fall?

The Persian Empire began to decline under the reign of Darius’s son, Xerxes. Xerxes depleted the royal treasury with an unsuccessful campaign to invade Greece and continued with irresponsible spending upon returning home. Persia was eventually conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 B.C.E.

Can you visit Persepolis?

Persepolis is 60km from Shiraz onwards to Yazd. It takes about an hour to reach it from Shiraz and it’s recommended to visit Naqsh-e Rostam on the way. If you’re interested, you could continue for another 76km and also visit the ruins of Pasargadae and the tomb of Cyrus the Great.

What language do they speak in Iran?

PersianIran/Official languages

What religion does Marji follow?

Although Marji, the author’s autobiographical version of herself, is privately religious as a girl, the Islamic Revolution, which was an intense religious reform movement in Iran in 1979 in which Islamic extremists took over the government from the shah, forces her and her family to change their way of life by adhering …

Why was Persepolis banned?

The Chicago Teachers Union was furious that the district ignored the expertise of the teachers to teach the book, suggesting that they needed special “training” to do so. They called the ban “Orwellian doublespeak.”

Is Persepolis banned?

Persepolis remains banned from CPS classrooms below grade 8. … Possibly as a result of publicity from the 2013 CPS ban, Persepolis faced three more school challenges in 2014, landing it the #2 spot on the American Library Association’s Top Ten List of Frequently Challenged Books for that year.

Why is Persepolis famous?

Renowned as the gem of Achaemenid (Persian) ensembles in the fields of architecture, urban planning, construction technology, and art, the royal city of Persepolis ranks among the archaeological sites which have no equivalent and which bear unique witness to a most ancient civilization.

How old is Marjane at the end of Persepolis?

approximately 25 years oldAt the end of Persepolis, Marjane is approximately 25 years old. She was born in 1969 and the text ends in 1994, with a slight afterward that reveals…

What is Marjane Satrapi doing now?

Marjane Satrapi was born in 1969 in Rasht, Iran, and currently lives in Paris. She has written several children’s books and her commentary and comics appear in newspapers and magazines around the world, including The New York Times and The New Yorker.

Why did Marjane leave Iran?

After a few years back in Iran, Marjane realizes that she has to leave again. Her parents and grandma want her to live her life to the fullest, and there is no way for an independent woman to do that in Iran. Marjane makes the sacrifice of leaving her family behind in order to forge ahead with her own life.

What are some themes in Persepolis?

Persepolis ThemesReligion, Repression, and Modernity. … Nationalism, Heroism, and Martyrdom. … Violence, Forgiveness, and Justice. … Children, War, and Growing Up. … The Personal vs. … Gender.

Why is Persepolis a good book?

A humorous and haunting memoir of a young girl in Iran by Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis is an absolutely amazing book, filled with happiness, grief and moments of childhood in a world where all children are forced to grow up. … So she takes refuge in God and reading all the books she can.

Who is the audience for Persepolis?

Her story is solely intended for a Western audience. Satrapi enlightens the world on her truth by adroitly telling her story through the lens of a young girl which in turn, limits how truthful she can be; as if the whole truth would be too much, too real, too hard to handle if it was told in a more accurate manner.