Is It Godspeed Or Godspeed?

How do you spell Godspeed?

Godspeed meaningSuccess; good fortune.


Used to wish someone success or good fortune, as on a journey.


Alternative capitalization of Godspeed.


Godspeed is defined as success and good fortune.

An example of godspeed is what someone tells a relative who’s going traveling.



What does it mean Godspeed?

: a prosperous journey : success bade him Godspeed.

Who said Godspeed first?

So all of America watched at 9:47 a.m. on Feb. 20, 1962, as Glenn took off from Cape Canaveral. Scott Carpenter, backup astronaut for the mission, famously said: “Godspeed, John Glenn.” Glenn climbed into space, circled the globe three times and then splashed down into the Atlantic Ocean.

Is Godspeed religious?

1 Answer. The word originates from Middle English (circa 1200-1300) meaning “may God cause you to succeed”. “God speed” is found only in the King James Version of the Bible which was translated from 1600 and only in one passage. One can conclude that it was not used with a religious connotation.

What does Godspeed mean in the military?

may God help you prosperThe first impulse is to bid these men and women “Godspeed,” a Middle English expression of good wishes for travelers that also translates to “may God help you prosper.” The second impulse is to encourage those dispatched overseas to stay in touch with family back home.

Is Godspeed good or bad?

Type of Villain So I call myself Godspeed. August Heart explaining why he chose the name Godspeed. August Heart, better known by his alias Godspeed, is the main antagonist of DC Comics’s The Flash: Rebirth series, beginning in 2016.

What’s another word for best wishes?

What is another word for best wishes?respectregardscomplimentsgreetingscommendationsfelicitationskind regardsbest regardscongratulationssalutations103 more rows

What is another word for Godspeed?

Similar words for godspeed: bon voyage (interjection) have a nice trip (interjection) blessing (noun) event (noun)

How do you use Godspeed in a sentence?

They bade us godspeed on our journey. Good luck, and Godspeed. … Not farewell or Godspeed, but ” Go slowly. ” I wish Godspeed to the man who was my former opponent and will be my president. Good luck,( and Godspeed.More items…•

Is Godspeed capitalized in a sentence?

Godspeed doesn’t have to be capitalized. Some will capitalize Godspeed in the middle of a sentence as in “I wish her Godspeed” and some will not capitalize it. You will find both in equally reputable sources.

Is it Godspeed or God speed?

Although the “success” sense of “speed” is now considered obsolete or archaic except in Scottish English, according to the OED, the usage lives in the term “Godspeed” (also written “God-speed” and “God speed”).

Why do people say Godspeed?

Godspeed, meaning “a prosperous journey,” comes from the Middle English phrase God spede you (“God prosper you”). It was originally used to wish success to someone, like saying, “May you prosper.” These days it’s more often used to express hopes for a safe trip.

Is it OK to say Godspeed when someone dies?

Godspeed conveys your wishes for God’s blessings to someone for a safe journey. It’s not appropriate for a bereaved person.

Does Godspeed mean goodbye?

Godspeed is an archaic way of saying goodbye, and is used in modern English in situations where very great earnestness is not inappropriate, such as a very dangerous mission, for example, where lives are at risk. It means “May God speed you”, that is, may God give you success.